When asked what it is that FRC does, one client responded that, “Judy takes care of everything and everyone you will not want to handle.”
Joanne Calabria
VP, Public Affairs
CBS Television Stations

5 Questions to ask before hiring your next business relocation consultant

  1. 1
    Does the consultant have experience managing complicated relocations?
    FRC offers a long track record, a sterling reputation, and bulletproof credibility. We have successfully moved many of the largest organizations in the area, as well as in North Jersey, New York, & Wilmington, DE.
  2. 2
    Can the consultant provide communication throughout your relocation?
    Only FRC provides strategic and tactical communications so thoughtful and thorough, they actually enhance your bottom line.
  3. 3
    Will your relocation be supported online?
    FRC supports every project with a customized extranet, a secure but shared platform for up-to-the-second reporting, “open books,” and real-time communications.
  4. 4
    Can you count on all stakeholders being kept in the loop at appropriate levels?
    Only FRC offers you a higher level of comfort with our experience and knowledge of appropriate communications with all levels of your personnel.
  5. 5
    Will every part of your relocation be handled in a business-like manner?
    FRC is as consistently professional in our operations as you are in your business.

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