Who We Are

When it comes to managing your move, we’re the specialists

You may relocate your business once every 10 years. Managing the move is probably not a core competency of your company. And chances are, nobody on your staff has the skills, the time, or the inclination to take on the job. Even if you managed your own move last time, all the experience you accumulated is most likely lost in memory or moved on to another company.

Let FRC handle it all

FRC is a female-owned business, started in 1988 by Judy Kellem. Since we started, we’ve developed and used a proprietary, step-by-step approach to coordinating business relocations. Because even average relocations involve hundreds of steps, thousands of details, and weeks of work, all of our project managers are trained to plan and manage moves. They routinely anticipate the unexpected, and they plan for every possibility. Why tie up a productive employee, when you can let FRC handle it all?

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