We specialize in the planning, coordination, and management of business relocations. To make the entire process as painless, cost-efficient, and seamless as possible, we’ve developed a broad range of move-related services. Our array of services is designed to cover all aspects of every phase of your relocation.

See how FRC can help you and your employees prepare with our pre-move services. Learn about the detailed and dynamic move management services we can provide. Read about what should happen once your business has successfully relocated in our post-move services.

  1. 1
    Move Management
    • Project coordination
    • Develop master activation schedule
    • Inventory furniture, furnishings, and equipment
    • Mover selection process
    • Develop move budget
    • Clean-up, purge, and archive
  2. 2
    Relocation Communications
    • Employee website / intranet
    • Welcome package
    • Move manual
    • Employee orientation
    • Day 1 / post-move
  3. 3
    Telecommunications / Data Consulting
    • Interface with your IT/telecommunications staff
    • Supervise IT rough wire installation
    • Manage IT server room/IDF equipment installation
    • Ensure proper installation of AV rough wiring and bracketing
    • Oversee security wire installation and system activation
  4. 4
    New Furniture / Equipment
    • Plan, manage, receive, and install new equipment
    • Verify orders
    • Building scheduling
  5. 5
    Facilities Management Services
    • Internal renovation/restacking
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Downsizing, liquidations, site closings
    • Inventory of furniture, furnishings, and equipment
    • Off-site warehousing
    • Day-to-day in-house relocation support
    • Asset management/bar coding services
  6. 6
    • Inventory
    • Disposition methods
    • Vendor negotiation / contracts
    • Onsite supervision
    • Facility closeout

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